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Thermal imager

3M Elettrotecnica has the FLUKE Ti200 ® thermal imaging camera, an instrument able to perform a predictive and preventive analysis of the areas subject to intervention and obtain a series of data that, combined with the architectural and plant survey, can allow to obtain a detailed picture of the current state of the environments to be redeveloped and then prepare the improvement interventions.

Insulation meter

3M Elettrotecnica has the HT7051 ®. The instrument allows to perform the measurement tests in FIX (fixed test voltage), ADJUST (programmable test voltage) and RAMP (test voltage and application time programmable with selection of 3 types of ramps available) modes that define an operation suitable for every situation. The measurement of the parameters of Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), are durability tests that allow to define the goodness of an insulator.


3M Elettrotecnica has the demolition rotary hammer Makita HR5211C®. The ideal pneumatic hammer for those who need a high performance tool able to make large holes and medium and large demolition jobs thanks to its power, 1500 W, and to the force of the stroke 18.9 J.

Cordless drill

Cordless drill DV18DJL HITACHI ® reversible percussion with lithium battery with 18 V – 1.5 Ah slide connection. Compact and balanced with self-locking spindle with single ring nut, ie with the spindle lock. It has two mechanical speeds and an electronic switch.

Suitable for drilling wood, metal and bricks with holes up to 38 mm and screwing and unscrewing wood screws, self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws

Cordless rotary

Brushless motor Milwaukee ® POWERSTATE ™ has a service life of up to 2 times longer than conventional motors and delivers up to 20% more power.

The intelligent REDLINK PLUS ™ system provides advanced digital overload protection for tools and batteries, and improves the performance of the tool under load


3M Elettrotecnica has the smarigliatice Milwaukee M18 CAG125XPD®. The Milwaukee® POWERSTATE ™ brushless motor has a service life of up to 10 times longer and has up to twice the range of sanding time.

The intelligent REDLINK PLUS ™ system provides advanced digital overload protection for tools and batteries, and improves the performance of the tool under load.


3M Elettrotecnica features a ¼ “hexagonal FUEL ™ M18 FID Milwaukee ® impulse with ONE-KEY ™ technology with Bluetooth® connection with the Milwaukee® ONE-KEY ™ app for the complete tool customization through the ONE-KEY ™ app, to configure the tool according to your needs with speed and torque control through the App and the Configuration of the optimal settings for each application, so you can repeat it accurately.

3M Elettrotecnica has the HT COMBI 420 ® instrument which carries out the checks of the electrical systems in compliance with CEI 64-8 and therefore measures of Global Earth Resistance, tests on RCD of type A and AC up to current nominal of 1A, Isolation, Continuity and short-circuit currents, for the measurement and saving of the leakage current the possibility of control of the cyclic direction of the phases using a single probe.

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